Beautiful Moon




      Clairvoyant Healing


I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and look forward to meeting you in the future.


It's my greatest pleasure to work with Guides and Angels to assist you with your life journey. The reading and healing session connects you with Guides and Angels and provides opportunities for you to gain insight into past and present patterns occurring in your life. Assisting you with increased energy flow enhancing clarity, wellbeing, rejuvenation of body and soul. 

I am passionate about assisting people in their spiritual journey. I am guided to deliver healing where needed to increase energy flow and personal empowerment.


  • Past life Release

  • Chakra Balancing and Clearing

  • Rejuvenation and Rainbow Treatments

  • Channelling Messages

  • Heart Mind Balance

  • Energy Gridline Update

  • Located in the Tweed Coast NSW area to book a Clairvoyant healing please contact Susan Trinity via email

            The Clairvoyant Healing I offer stems from                       the teaching of Belinda Grace Author and            
            Clairvoyant Healer 

 Henry Scott Reguis Professor of Divinity at the university of Oxford (27 January 1847 - 17 March 1918)



“I found Sue to be a caring, professional practitioner. She put me at ease and explained the process. I was skeptical about past life readings however I was surprised to find the reading reflected my current life's situation and revealed things that I am still feeling and need to let go of. I enjoyed the experience and felt I learnt things about myself and will certainly be back again. ”




“After the healing session with Sue I feel free of somethings I was hanging onto and more relaxed about circumstances and the way they end up turning out. ”



“My reading was a very pleasant surprise, as I am often sceptical. I delighted in hearing about my guides – and am left wondering whether the guide “Patrick” is my grandfather, also Patrick. My reading largely concerned messages about Trust and Writing. As both of these things are issues in my life, I felt the reading was spot on. Oddly I felt both energised and relaxed afterwards. I am looking forward to a second reading. ”





"On Saturday the 13th of February I received a healing from Sue. From the very beginning Sue set very clear expectations to ensure I was feeling comfortable, safe and nurtured. The body work session highlighted some key blockages needing to be released in a very relaxing way with Sue naming my Mother and Father at my head and feet. For me the standout message came when Sue was guided to support me through a past life progression where she spot on described my childhood and some current challenges but in Poland 300 years ago.. was just amazing."


"I feel the experience was important for my personal growth and provided me with a better understanding of my life’s repetitive patterns, I can’t thank sue enough for giving me this wonderful insight and opportunity"